Chicago Tribune: 'If not the Ryan plan, then what?' 

Here’s what President Obama’s hometown newspaper, the Chicago Tribune (which endorsed Obama in 2008), has to say about House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s budgetary proposal and how much leadership each of the two men is providing:

Has Ryan got all the answers? No, but his plan sure beats doing nothing. And nothing is mostly what we’ve heard from Democrats evidently more concerned about winning next year's presidential and congressional election than leveling with Americans about the perils of a federal debt north of $14 trillion….

If not the Ryan plan, Democrats, then what?

…Ryan is warning us about perils that stretch from economics to psychology: The sense of victimization among citizens who object to reforming unaffordable entitlements — and the unwillingness of President Obama and other leaders to challenge that self-indulgence — represents a much greater threat to Americans than anything in Ryan’s proposal….

Paul Ryan and his allies aren’t waiting for a perfect moment that, in Washington, never comes. On Tuesday, they did what real leaders do. They risked their necks.

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