Charlie the dog is too dangerous 

Although I’ve owned dogs for 36 years, I must confess that Charlie the dog’s story sounds a lot like “blaming the victim”  —  both the horse and the officer.

A dog that is not aggressive does not run up to a horse and bite. The public needs to be protected. Per the reports, the owner blames the officer. This is not reassuring.

Others could have been hurt, and frankly, Charlie could have been shot when the attack happened.

My sympathies to all.

D. Isaacs
San Francisco


Arizona donors were looking to help state

With more than 100,000 Californians leaving the state last year for states including Arizona, is it any wonder that people in neighboring Arizona would have donated money to defeat Proposition 30 and encourage voters to pass Proposition 32?

A past editorial in The San Francisco Examiner wrote against the proposition that would let corporations donate political money via PACs. It passed and was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

For Arizona, being next to the highest-taxing state that is controlled by public unions cannot be a welcome happening at a time when other states with Republican governors are passing right-to-work laws.

I disagree with this editorial also. If foreign governments can contribute to our president’s election without being identified, then American citizens should also be allowed to donate political funds for the betterment of California.

Frank Norton
San Francisco

Accident photo insensitive

I’m late in reading this story, but in The San Francisco Examiner last month, there was an article about a pedestrian being hit and killed near Market Street.

With the article was a photograph taken by Mike Koozmin of the man covered by a tarp. There is no excuse you can even come up with to justify printing that photograph. Do you have any idea what that did to the family of that man?

He’s not identified in that issue, but you probably identified him a couple of days later, and his family and friends now have a newspaper showing his covered corpse.

Imagine if that was your father, brother or son under that tarp. Would you have run the photo ?

Carole Walsh
San Francisco

People have right to guns

Criminals will always have guns, no matter if you ban guns or not. Gun control does not affect anything except the citizens.

If regular citizens had the right to own a gun, you would be able to defend yourself, which would lead to less homicides.

Jude Furr
San Francisco

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