Chamber of Corporatism? GE's Immelt to headline "Free Enterprise" jobs summit 

No company represents business-government collusion in the Obama era like Jeffrey Immelt's General Electric, which lobbies for and profits from the same subsidies, tax credits, bailouts, and regulations that the administration does.

No lobby group gets vilified by Obama and his proxies like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

As part of the businss lobby's "Campaign for Free Enterprise," the Chamber is inviting Jeff Immelt, Obama's official jobs czar, to keynote a "Jobs for America Summit."

"Free enterprise" means allowing businesses to pursue profit as they see fit, with minimal help or hindrance from government. Obama's jobs agenda, which Immelt is speareheading, is about subsidizing businesses producing politically favored products. We'll see how the Chamber tries to square "free enterprise" with Obamanomics.

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