Central Subway project won’t help commuters 

As a Chinatown resident and a Muni rider for over 50 years, I oppose the Central Subway project because it will worsen my commute to downtown and my teaching job at City College.

Most Chinatown residents won’t walk to the Stockton-Clay streets subway station, ride half a mile to Union Square and then walk 1,000 feet to the Powell station. Most people will still depend on the 30-Stockton, 8X-Bayshore Express and 45-Union-Stockton buses to get to Market Street.

But the Central Subway’s environmental impact report predicts decreased surface buses of 76,400 hours per year on the Stockton corridor. And the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s reports to the Federal Transit Administration predict decreased surface buses of 36,000 hours per year.

Whatever the true number, we will all suffer from less bus service in Chinatown, North Beach, Russian Hill, The Embarcadero and the Marina northward — in addition to service cutbacks already made to subsidize the Central Subway boondoggle.

Wilma Pang, San Francisco

Skaters causing chaos

I was crossing the street at West Portal Avenue when two speeding skateboarders came barreling across the intersection, hunched over and with one talking on his cellphone. The posted “No skateboarding on sidewalks” signs were being ignored as the adult skateboarders weaved between the pedestrians, including the many older folks carrying packages, dog walkers and young mothers with children.

With no bike lanes on West Portal Avenue or bike storage outside the stores, more adults seem to have chosen skateboards to get around town. But at least San Francisco supervisors could ban both cellphones and eating while skateboarding, since the no-skateboarding signs are being ignored.

Frank Norton, San Francisco

Learn from Daly City

I have lived in Daly City for 35 years. You never hear of bad financial woes there like they have in San Francisco.

The reason is that we elect competent people to be mayor and council members. In turn, they hire competent department heads and managers who are held accountable for their jobs — unlike the incompetence that runs rampant in San Francisco from the top down. San Franciscans should clean house and take a lesson from the citizens of Daly City. There is no way we want to be annexed back into that fiasco, as a recent letter-writer suggested.

Mind your own business and leave Daly City alone.

Dave Barsi, Daly City

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