Cellphone ordinance a harmful waste of time 

I own the four Infinitel wireless stores in San Francisco and am disappointed by The City’s new cellphone ordinance that requires me to post and distribute materials on radio frequency energy. This is an unnecessary and discriminatory legislation that creates a false perception of a safe product and undermines my work as a local business owner.

I worked hard to build my business and I strive to meet the needs of my customers. It is unfair that while my employees are preoccupied with distributing flyers and attempting to answer questions about complex technical issues, my competitors in other Bay Area cities will be selling phones and actually providing useful and necessary customer service.

Doing business in San Francisco has always been tough for us. In recent years, we have not added any retail outlets here. In fact, if the situation continues to worsen because of the legislative burden, we are thinking of closing stores or moving them to other cities.

Josephine Ma, San Francisco

Curb federal spending

I must disagree with your Tuesday editorial on the congressional debt battle. The majority of the American people do want an increase in the debt ceiling to prevent an economic catastrophe if the United States defaults on interest payments to creditors. The majority of the American people do indeed want federal spending reduced.

However, the majority of American people also want some taxes increased while closing corporate tax loopholes. The good people of the U.S. demand a fair tax code where citizens and corporations all pay their fair share.

A majority of American people also want to end our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our elected leaders must work together to increase revenues and to reduce spending. Nothing should be off the table, including defense spending.

Tom Hubbard, San Francisco

Elsbernd’s tactic a new low

I’m sorry that Supervisor Sean Elsbernd has chosen to amend Mayor Ed Lee’s pension plan in order to prevent any possible consolidation between it and the Adachi proposal in the event that both measures pass. As Melissa Griffin’s Tuesday column pointed out, it will make the campaign dirtier and could result in both propositions not passing — so that city budget problems continue to worsen.

Elsbernd used to be one of the few who remained above the narcissistic fray of myopic supervisors pushing their agenda at the expense of The City. For whatever reason, he appears to now believe that the voters are not entitled to any option but the one he endorses.

Matt Mitguard, San Francisco

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