CBO says it took into account Medicaid "glitch" in Obamacare estimates 

Earlier today, I noted an Associated Press report about a "glitch" in the national health care law that would allow for 3 million couples who were early retirees earning up to $64,000 to qualify for Medicaid, because their Social Security benefits would no longer count as income. The Congressional Budget Office has informed the House Budget Committee that this was factored in to their cost estimates for the health care law.

Here's what the CBO told the House Budget Committee:

We have been asked by a number of people whether, in its estimate of Medicaid enrollment under PPACA, CBO took into account the change made by that law in the income definition used to determine eligibility for Medicaid. That income definition excludes the portion of Social Security income that is not taxable.

The short answer is “yes.” CBO took that new income definition into account in its estimate of Medicaid enrollment and costs. We have not separately estimated the number of early retirees who would be eligible under that income definition.

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