Catalan rockers Mourn hit the U.S. 

When 18-year-old Jazz Rodriguez Bueno was coming home from high school in her native Barcelona, Spain, last week, two catty classmates started snickering at her at the bus stop. She’s not sure why – possibly because she was wearing a funny scarf. But the vocalist-guitarist for teenage alternative quartet Mourn simply shrugged it off. “And I was thinking, ‘Oh, fuck off! In two days, I will be flying to the states, so I don’t care what you think!’” With her kid sister Leia on bass, and chaperoned by her musician father Ramon – who performs in Europe as The New Raemon – Bueno and Mourn visit San Francisco for the first time this week, backing their eponymous debut. “And I am soooo excited!” she says.

What kind of music does your dad play?

He first was playing alone with an acoustic guitar, but then he returned to rock a little bit for his last two albums. And when I saw him perform for the first time, I thought that I wanted to be just like him. But when me and my sister are at his shows, he’s very nervous. If we’re not there, he’s like “OK. Another show.” But if we’re there, he’s like, “Oh, shit – I have to do it right!”

Has he invited you onstage to sing with him?

No, no. But he’s pointed at me at some concerts and said, “Hey! There’s my daughter!” And the people were like, “Oh hi!” And he didn’t teach me how to play guitar, exactly – he showed me how to play three chords, plus one song by Nirvana. And then I started learning alone.

How and why did you form Mourn?

We didn’t mean to be a band. We just started playing because we wanted to have fun, and we really liked it. But one day we thought, “Well, why not makes our own songs?” And when we had 10 songs, we said, “Oh, we have to make a band.” And we decided to sing in English because we listen to a lot of music in English, although we do have a song in Catalan, too.

What is your punk song “Squirrel” about?

It’s about a squirrel, living in the hair of a person. And it’s like, “Hey, guy! You’ve got a squirrel in your head!” And the guy’s like, “Fuck you!” It’s a stupid concept, I know. But we thought it was funny!

Has dad given you any showbiz advice?

Yes. A lot of good advice. The strongest was that you have to have a Plan B. You can’t give everything to one thing, because if it doesn’t work out, then what do you have? He said, “Keep studying, girl!”



Where: Chapel, 777 Valencia St., S.F.

When: 9 p.m. April 3

Tickets: $15

Contact: (415) 551-5157,

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