Caltrain should help keep bike shop open 

For more than 15 years, I’ve been commuting from San Francisco to Menlo Park using a combination of Caltrain and bicycle, and I’ve seen it all. I originally brought my bicycle on the newly added bicycle cars, but switched to locking my bike outside the 22nd Street station to avoid the stress resulting from getting “bumped” on my return home. As bike thefts increased there, I tried to find a locker box at Fourth and King streets, but they were too difficult to attain.

Warm Planets Bikes is by far the best option I’ve ever had to park my bike, confident that it’ll be there when I return.

If Warm Planets Bikes disappears, I will likely be forced back to bringing my bike on the train, further crowding bike cars and leading to more bumped cyclists. Caltrain should provide the interim funding needed in the short term to keep the doors of Warm Planet Bikes open.

Eric Arons
San Francisco

Punish cyclist for crash

Regarding your Feb. 3 story “Widower wants to face cyclist who hit wife,” may I suggest that Raymond Eng, the cyclist who hit Dianette Cherney — a visitor to San Francisco who later died from her injuries — be sentenced to paint traffic signs in crosswalks all over San Francisco for his community service.

The law states bicycles should be walked through crosswalks. Hardly any bicyclists walk their bike through crosswalks, much less stop for red lights or obey traffic laws.

If the bicyclist were to paint traffic markings in crosswalks and elsewhere, scofflaw bicyclists could possibly be educated about the law and might actually obey traffic laws.

Fiona McGregor
San Francisco

Birthing options abound

The women of San Francisco deserve accurate information about their choices for natural childbirth.

As a physician working at the St. Luke’s campus of California Pacific Medical Center, I was alarmed by misinformation about hospital birth options (“More SF women choosing home birth, despite the costs” on Jan. 29). The St. Luke’s Women’s Center, with our four obstetric physicians and seven full-time nurse midwives, has for years provided patient-centered prenatal care, including for many women who plan a home birth. We support natural childbirth, and our philosophy of using only necessary interventions during labor or delivery is reflected in our low Cesarean section rate of 15 percent for first-time mothers.

Our hospital birth center regularly welcomes transfers of home-birth patients, leading to a strong relationship with midwives and doulas. We also accept MediCal and a full range of private insurance for both prenatal care and lifelong gynecologic care.

I’m glad to say your readers have more options for their children’s births than your article implied.

Dr. Rosanne Botha
San Francisco

49ers should be Prunes

It’s common sense that when the 49ers move to Santa Clara, they automatically become the Santa Clara 49ers. But they’re not quite 49ers.

I remember playing in the Santa Clara prune orchards when I was young, not gold-digging. More accurately, call the former football team the Santa Clara Prune Pickers.

Good luck to them!

Al Ujcic
San Francisco

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