Caltrain needs to stop bumping bike riders 

In this challenging fiscal environment, Caltrain needs to keep its existing passengers, bring back previous passengers and acquire new passengers. Empty seats don’t bring in revenue.

The other day, at least five people, including myself, were denied service due to insufficient bicycle capacity on the 8:14 a.m. southbound train departing Fourth and King streets. The two bike cars on that Bombardier train were both full. I was late to a meeting because Caltrain doesn’t provide reliable service.

This 8:14 train bumps paying passengers daily. It is ridiculous that Caltrain does nothing to prevent paying customers from being pushed away.

I drove to work one day last week. Much as I prefer the combination of bike and train, returning to the freeway daily is looking better and better each time I get bumped. There needs to be at least two bike cars on every gallery train and three bike cars on every Bombardier train to meet existing demand.

Andrew Ness, San Francisco

Pay cut for state workers

A Friday Examiner letter made misleading comments regarding state employee compensation. It said Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget doesn’t propose any cuts to union worker wages. That is simply not true.

Six state employee bargaining units that had already finalized collective bargaining agreements with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger included wage cuts of 8 to 10 percent in those agreements. Brown’s proposed 2011-12 budget proposes similar pay cuts for those state employees whose bargaining units have not yet reached an agreement.

E.F. Sullivan, San Francisco

Worse problems than diets

When Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack recently introduced the new federal dietary outlines, he said, “The majority of adults and one in three children are overweight or obese, and this is a crisis that we can no longer ignore.” The government destroyed the entire agriculture industry of the lower San Joaquin Valley and all Vilsack can moan about is diets?

It’s sad that individual freedom and liberty are too messy for domineering, codependent bureaucrats who can’t accept that people are responsible for and should take the consequences of their own actions. The majority of bureaucracies are too fat, and Secretary Vilsack should trim the fat from his own budget. Considering how much fat the government feeds kids in the school lunch programs, he could start trimming there.

John May, San Jose

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Monday, Oct 15, 2018


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