California will soon learn error of its voting ways 

To all the voters who elected Jerry Brown governor, and Kamala Harris attorney general, at the campaign-financed behest of teacher unions, other public employee unions and the SEIU — and/or based upon misguided ideology — it will be too late for self-inflicted voter remorse when California finally crashes with Brown and the Democratic Legislature behind the wheel in the driver’s seat of their joy ride.

As Brown said, at this stage of his life, he will make the painful state budget cuts in all the wrong places and dump it on local governments, save the miseducation money pit to pay his union debts, call on the same voters to approve tax increases, and drive more businesses and jobs out of the sinking state.

And Gavin Newsom said during his tenure as San Francisco’s mayor, “Like it or not,” you will accept our rules. And as Harris vowed, she will vigorously enforce environmental laws, including the AB 32 cap-and-tax economy-buster.

Indeed, there are no unintended consequences of the failures of good intentions when they result in careless harm to the public good. Hopefully, truthfully informed voters won’t forget the survival alternatives of ballot initiatives and recall.

Daniel B. Jeffs, Apple Valley


Let’s all just slow down

Everyone blaming everyone else is not going to fix the problems that arise when so many share the roads.

Let’s look at the big picture. We are all at fault, except pedestrians do it naturally, not with the aggressiveness of the drivers or the recklessness of bicyclists. We’re all in a hurry to get somewhere, we’re all thinking, “Me first.”

Let’s all just slow down, be aware and try to follow the rules of the road. That’s the major issue. It might be a lot to ask, but I bet it would save a couple lives if pedestrians were more aware of their surroundings, drivers didn’t drive aggressively and bicyclists would actually stop when they have to stop and not own the road and stay in their lanes.

Marguerite Engel, San Francisco


More money, more power

There are indeed communists, American communists — your neighbor, perhaps.

They want to take the toy out of the Cracker Jack box, make the Happy Meal less happy. They want to annoy us with stupid taxes and fees because every penny spent is power to spend. They want to generously share the public purse with smiling, back-slapping pals, ridiculously believing the adulteration has something to do with the wonderfulness of their vision.

Can we not see that these are not the best people to have running our schools and government?

Paul Burton, San Francisco

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