California Gov. Jerry Brown coasting on symbols over substance 

Just as Gov. Jerry Brown’s previous budget-saving measures such as eliminating some state cellphones and cars were more symbolic than substantive, his latest proposal to stimulate job growth by changing the tax code — as reported in the Friday San Francisco Examiner — is also more symbolic than substantive.

Once again Brown is not addressing job-killing government agencies such as the Coastal Commission or business-killing legislation such as mandating overtime after eight hours per day rather than after 40 hours per week. He is not addressing the looming government employee pension crisis. Punitive tax measures do not and will not stimulate job growth. Punitive tax measures stimulate job flight from California.

Howard Epstein, San Francisco


Red tape? Nah, it’s gold

It is amazing how this discovery has been kept secret. Who knows how many different gangs of municipal miners are sharing the treasure?

There is gold under the first block of Cortland Avenue where it joins Mission Street. I cannot remember a time when that block was not under the shovel — year after year of heavy equipment and soil extraction.

Some of you might be gullible enough to suggest that all the digging was merely caused by bureaucratic ineptitude and contempt for the public. But it’s gold, I tell you. They’re digging for gold.

Paul Burton, San Francisco


Shallow SF buzzwords

As an out-of-town conservative, it’s always instructive to see a San Francisco progressive food fight such as the recent exchange between supporters and opponents of Mayor Ed Lee. The usual accusations of “McCarthyism” and “racist” are deployed with vigor, and, as usual, without any substance. Frankly, McCarthy was a bit of a jerk, but the substance of his issue was deadly serious, considering the world that America faced during the 1950s.

Racism, properly defined, is dead in America, unless you buy into the shallow idea that unless you have equal outcomes, you have racism. Without the repressive speech codes of political correctness, we could be having a needed and robust examination of why some of our minority groups are not sharing in the prosperity and upward mobility that this country offers. And people like me would like to see all Americans prosper.

Michael Madden, Redding

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