California bill strengthening rights of non-biological parents signed into law 

A bill that would strengthen the legal rights of non-biological parents in California was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday.

The Protection of Parent-Child Relationships Act, AB 1349, was written by Assemblyman Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo. Sponsored by Equality California and the Association of California Adoption Lawyers, the bill would allow courts leeway in cases where there is both a non-biological parent who has an established relationship with a child and a man who has signed a voluntary declaration of paternity.

It was written in response to a ruling that said the courts could not recognize a non-biological parent who has raised a child if another man has signed a voluntary paternity declaration, even though the biological father had no relationship with the child and or any intention of raising him.

"Parenting is more than just biology," Hill said. "It's about nurturing and a sacred bond between and a child and a guardian that should not be severed by external forces."

The law would also apply to situations where a same-sex couple has split up and the non-biological parent is seeking legal recognition. Currently, if a sperm donor has signed a declaration of paternity, the courts could not recognize the non-biological parent.

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