Businesses don't need more burdens 

•"S.F. proposal to mandate flexible work hours for caregivers amended to address concerns," The City, Friday

Businesses don't need more burdens

It came as quite a shock, but a welcome one, to read Supervisor London Breed's very rational comment pertaining to caregivers' work schedules. Finally, an elected official who understands that Board of Supervisors President David Chiu's proposal merely adds bureaucracy to an already overburdened business community.

Is it hard on caregivers who shuttle between work; caring for an infirm child, spouse or elderly relative; and "having a life"? You bet! I was one of them for many years.

But Chiu's legislation is not the answer; creating more bureaucracy for businesses when many of them barely make a profit makes no sense. And since when is a 20-employee business a "large" company? Consider, too, that many of these businesses serve the public in either retail or food service. That function cannot be performed by "telecommuting."

Chiu's proposal is simply overreaching and certainly does not merit a ballot proposition.

Sherrie Matza,

San Francisco

Colin Kaepernick cap kerfuffle

QB's Dolphins nod A-OK

Perhaps the reason why Colin Kaepernick was wearing a Miami Dolphins hat is because the 'Fins were the last team to win the Super Bowl after having lost it the previous season. It has been 41 years since it last happened — Kaepernick and the 49ers are hoping to revisit history.

Kevin J. Marquez,

San Francisco

"Creative solutions to Muni bathroom issue needed," Opinion, Thursday

Drivers need restrooms

The San Francisco Examiner's editorial opposing the building of restrooms for Muni operators shows that it, like too many City Hall politicians, doesn't know recent history on this health and safety issue.

Contract with private businesses? Muni is a 24/7/365 operation. Few businesses are. When Muni did rent access to businesses' bathrooms, operators had no toileting alternative when the business was closed — nights, weekends, holidays and when a small business was closed for vacation or remodeling. MUNI didn't get 24/7/365 value from this rental practice.

That rental practice sometimes also meant an operator had to leave a bus already carrying passengers in order to use a rented bathroom not at a terminal. That was another safety issue — for the passengers.

Bob Planthold,

San Francisco

"In S.F., former Mexican President Fox calls for legalization of all drugs," The City, July 9

Fox wrong on drug policy

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is quoted in your newspaper as saying "I am all for legalizing drugs in the same way Portugal did."

Portugal did not legalize all drugs. Portugal decriminalized drugs.

If Fox can't have a clear enough brain to distinguish decriminalization from legalization, why should we listen to him?

The Netherlands has decriminalized personal marijuana use, but it still prosecutes large-scale drug traffickers.

Decriminalization of personal possession in the U.S. would still leave criminal prosecution of large-scale drug producers in Mexico and U.S.

Is Fox misinforming the U.S. electorate on purpose concerning the big difference between decriminalization and legalization? Or are his errors part of a larger disinformation campaign on drugs?

Fiona McGregor,

San Francisco

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