Burlingame online car-buying business replaces anxiety with anonymity 

Tommy McClung is the CEO and one of three founders of the new-car marketplace CarWoo!, a Burlingame-based online business that allows car dealers to compete anonymously for cars. McClung recently launched CarWoo! Version 2.

Why did you start this business? Having needed a new car with the arrival of my second son, I found the typical car-buying process frustrating and time-consuming with a lot of misinformation. I thought there had to be a better way to do this. A fellow co-founder searched around and saved a few thousand dollars but we wanted to make the process easier.

What new features does CarWoo! Version 2 have? Version 2 has a more comprehensive set of information. Buyers can now get offers on leases, have the ability to cross-shop, can name their price, and get an out-the-door price. The out-the-door prices means no surprises on payment for the consumer.

How does the site work? Prospective car buyers go on the site and specify their needs. We get them in contact with 15 local dealerships and then let the dealerships engage with the buyer and present offers online.

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