Bullies on bicycles ruin day for bridge walkers 

Bay Area bicyclists alienated a lot of people Saturday on the Golden Gate Bridge, and that’s a shame. Only wobbly tourists on rental bikes and a handful of experienced riders demonstrated any concern about safety.

Pedaling with arrogant sneers of self-assumed superiority, spandex-clad jerks sped carelessly into heavy crowds of pedestrians who were trying to enjoy one of our greatest local attractions.

People were forced to leap out of the way or be hit. One small, middle-aged woman was struck by a large bicyclist who offered no comment of concern or apology after he hit her hard enough to shove her farther than 4 feet.

When the “yield to pedestrians” sign was pointed out to arrogant racers on that crowded walkway, one spandexed bully replied, “One lane, mine!” as he sped away, forcing everyone to clear a path for his arrogance and thoughtlessness.

Kate Russell

Fix the Tenderloin first

When is Supervisor Jane Kim going to try putting some order in the Tenderloin?

I am sick and tired of all the violence in the neighborhood. There needs to be zero tolerance for violence here. Five innocent bystanders were shot last weekend in a gang-related incident, there are constant street robberies, and stabbings in this area are always reported in the paper.

What will it take — more innocent bystanders, perhaps a child getting shot — for her to take the lead in a crackdown on the violence?

It seems like Kim is too busy trying to coax businesses to move here. Here is a strategy, Kim: Clean up the Tenderloin and businesses will move to the Tenderloin.

Who is stupid enough to open a business here when their life is at risk and hoodlums surround the streets?

Ade Vlaho
San Francisco

Free cellphones for SFPD

I could not believe my eyes when reading that our police force does not have cellphones.

I think the only solution to this is to arrest the drivers using cellphones behind the wheel and just confiscate their phones. You will have the 1,800 cellphones needed for the SFPD in two hours time — and not a penny spent.

This is a good deal, right?

Simone Joseph
San Francisco

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