Broken meter proposal revised 

Motorists could stay for free in broken meters for as long as two hours, under a new proposal by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

Last month, the SFMTA Board of Directors rejected a plan to implement a one-hour cap on all broken parking meters in The City. The board raised concerns about motorists who park at the 5,500 meters in San Francisco that normally allow for two-hour stays.

Under a revised plan, motorists parked at broken spaces can stay for free for as long as the time limit the meter allows, which is the same enforcement policy currently employed by the SFMTA.

However, that rule would not apply to spaces that use the SFMTA’s new SFpark technology. Those meters, which will start charging different prices based on the demand for each spot on March 1, allow for up to four hours of parking.

Fearful that motorists will vandalize the equipment to get extended parking stays, the SFMTA wants to implement a two-hour cap on those meters.

On Feb. 1, the SFMTA Board will vote on the broken-meter proposal.

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