Broken escalator adds blight to train station 

For more than a month now, the escalator at the Civic Center station at the corner of Market and Seventh streets has been broken. Numerous people have complained to BART Director Tom Radulovich and Tenderloin district Supervisor Jane Kim. Not surprisingly, no one has received a call or email back from either office about this issue.

The main concern here is that the area has quickly turned into more of a haven for drug selling and usage, as well as accumulating an extreme amount of garbage and becoming a human toilet. This is all happening on the broken escalator in full view for all to see.

Does any official from The City or BART care to address this problem? Is it any wonder that certain areas remain full of crime and trash?

Ade Vlaho, San Francisco

Tea party is not terrorism

Calling the tea party movement “terrorists” is grossly misplaced. Indeed, the real domestic terrorism going on in our country is our government’s confiscatory taxation, public education indoctrination and economy-crushing regulations raising the cost of living.

The tea party was a spontaneous reaction to the way most American voters feel about big, intrusive, out-of-control government. Demonizing the movement will only help it grow to be heard loud and clear in the 2012 elections and beyond, until the people and the states take America back.

The application of two-thirds of the states for a constitutional convention to propose amendments is long overdue. A balanced-budget amendment with teeth should be first on the agenda.

Daniel B. Jeffs, Apple Valley

War worse than welfare

The author of your Wednesday editorial, “Replace the unsustainable welfare state,” claims Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are the major causes of government spending growth in 2012.

What about defense spending? We are embroiled in two wars and the costs — both human and monetary — keep rising.

We allow our richest citizens to skimp on taxes and Social Security. We bailed out the banks and the response of the executives was to give themselves bonuses.

CEO salaries have increased 23 percent in the past year; their combined salaries could have employed more than 100,000 people. Where is the outcry?

Social programs that provide a vital safety net are not the problem. Unrelenting greed and a lack of accountability are the real culprits. Remember that President Bill Clinton left office with a surplus, and President George W. Bush did not.

S. Loen, San Francisco

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