Britney: Management Crisis? 

Just when Britney Spears needs professional guidance more than ever, word comes of a rift with manager Larry Rudolph. A source told Fox News that Britney, who signed a five-year contract pre-rehab, "can’t stand him. But what can she do? Bring in a lawyer and say she signed under duress? That she was drunk or stoned?"

Has Brangelina lost that loving feeling?

Is the honeymoon over for Hollywood’s hottest couple? The attraction between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has gone from sizzling to fizzling, a new report in the magazine In Touch claims.

"They do love each other. But that wild physical chemistry isn’t there anymore," a source allegedly dished to the magazine. "Their relationship has developed so fast that it’s almost like they’re an old married couple now."

Another friend told the tab that Brad even tried to recapture the romance with a scheme to whisk Angelina away for a one-on-one rendezvous — without their four kids. But the busy actress and humanitarian nixed the plan to spend QT with her man: "She had other things on her mind," explains the pal.

Say it ain’t so! If these two can’t keep the magic alive, there’s certainly no hope for the rest of us.

Player-Hating Hubby

(Getty images)
Hillary Swank arrives for the premiere of her new film, "The Reaping."

Did sour grapes sabotage Hilary Swank’s marriage? The two-time Oscar winner, who split from longtime husband Chad Lowe last year, had some revealing comments for the U.K.’s Daily Record about the pitfalls of one partner being, ahem, more successful than the other.

"I think it takes a really, really secure and grounded man or woman to allow your partner to achieve success and be empowered," the "Reaping" star opined.

"When they are threatened by it, that just kills a part of you," she added pointedly. "It kills you because this person, who is supposed to be in your life, sharing your life, who supposedly loves you more than anyone and is supposed to understand you more than anyone, is trying to hold you down when you already have enough of that in the world."

Hmmm — think she’s speaking hypothetically?

Bridal Brouhaha

Newlywed Elizabeth Hurley is embroiled in a family feud with the father of her new husband, Arun Nayar. Vinod Nayar of India was reportedly "publicly humiliated" when he was physically pushed out of participating in the couple’s Hindu wedding ceremony last month, and says he has "totally disowned" his sons and their wives.

Vinod blames his daughter-in-law for allegedly treating his family like "second-class citizens" at the gala event, and accuses La Liz of "blatant andcynical commercialism" for selling wedding photo rights to Hello! magazine.

A source reportedly told the U.K.’s Daily Mail that the British supermodel "was furious and went absolutely ballistic when she found out" about the in-law insult.

"She feels that what was the happiest day of her life has been tarnished and doesn’t understand how after everything she has done for them — raising [her in-laws’] social standing in India through the roof, for example — they could do this," the source confides. "But quite frankly, she is also a little bewildered by all of this and was totally unaware about the extent of their grievances. Liz feels she made every effort to be a part of their extended family and fit in."

The source adds that Liz has offered to reimburse her husband’s family for wedding expenses to assuage their feelings, but "as far as she is concerned, that is it — she never wants to see Arun’s father or stepmother again."

Wealth, popularity, fame … seems nothing can buy peace with one’s in-laws!

Just Friends

Despite denials that they are a couple, singer Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz appeared to be anything but platonic pals Saturday night, reports People. Sharing a booth at L.A. nightclub Parc, the couple kissed and made eyes at each other.

"They definitely weren’t hiding the fact that they were together," an eyewitness told the magazine’s Web site. "They were making out a lot and they were pretty intense." The pop-rock couple even left holding hands.

Guess this is what you’d call "friendship," Hollywood -style.

Five quick takes

- Rachael Ray threw a prom for students whose Alabama high school was destroyed by a tornado.

- Beyoncé Knowles will kick off her North American tour in New Orleans on July 6.

- Tim Gunn is on board for season four of "Project Runway," to premiere this summer.

- Singer Alicia Keys snapped pics courtside at the New York Knicks’ home game Friday.

- Sheryl Crow was among celebs at Elle magazine’s Green Issue party in Hollywood on Thursday.

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