Britiain's gentry liberals rejected by rest of country 

As I noted in a blogpost at the time,  , Britain’s Liberal Democrats got pasted in the local government and referendum election held May 5. Now you can see from the map on this Daily Mail article by Tim Luckhurst, how thoroughly the Lib Dems’ Alternative Vote proposal was defeated. What the perpetually third-placed Lib Dems would really like is a proportional representation system, which would more or less eternally give them the prerogative of choosing whether the Conservatives or Labour would form a government in coalition with the Lib Dems. The Alternative Vote proposal, similar to one in use in Australia, would have given the Lib Dems about 30 more seats in the last election, with Conservatives getting about 20 fewer and Labour about 10 fewer. But the Alternative Vote proposal passed in only 10 constituencies and was rejected in 430. As Luckhurst points out, these 10 constituencies tend to be full of highly educated people who are quite full of themselves and are convinced that ordinary people don’t have a clue. He says he likes those places—gentrified neighborhoods in Glasgow and Edinburgh, the university towns of Oxford and Cambridge and six neighborhoods in inner city London. As it happens, I’ve been to all 10 of them and like them too. But I wouldn’t want them to govern any country by themselves.

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