Brit blogger: Whale blubber is on greenies’ hands 

Oh, the irony.

“Wind farms don’t just despoil countryside, frighten horses, chop up birds, spontaneously combust, drive down property prices, madden those who live nearby with their subsonic humming, drive up electricity prices, promote rent-seeking, make rich landowners richer (and everyone else poorer), ruin views, buy more electric sports cars for that dreadful Dale Vince character, require rare earth minerals which cause enormous environmental damage, destroy 3.7 real jobs for every fake ‘green’ job they ‘create’, blight neighbourhoods, kill off tourism and ruin lives, but they also…KILL WHALES!

So writes James Delingpole in the UK Telegraph, whose news section reported on March 15 that researchers from the University of St. Andrews discovered that offshore wind farms interfere with the leviathans’ internal sonar systems and cause them to beach themselves. Last year, the turbines were also implicated in a rash of unexplained seal deaths.

“Save possibly the polar bear and the mighty snail darter, there is no creature on the planet more totemic of green values than the whale. Saving whales is what greens do. Or rather, what they used to do in the days when greens were actually interested in caring for the environment instead of, say, trying to destroy the capitalist system,” Delingpole adds. “But now, here they are actively promoting a form of renewable energy which in the process of producing next to no energy, very expensively also does the most stupendous damage to the environment and the eco-system.”

 And not saving the whales either.

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