Bristol Palin, public speaker 

Once again, life imitates The Onion.                              (ABC News photo)

Sorry -- what did Bristol Palin do to achieve her prominence and notoriety? Never mind. The governor's daughter is now available for speaking engagements at rates between $15k and $30k -- no word on her rider's demand for bendy straws, or whatever. Says the AP:

(Family attorney Thomas) Van Flein said Bristol Palin will be selective in the speeches she gives.

He said he believes she's interested in expanding her message beyond teen pregnancy to include her experiences on the campaign trail and in the media spotlight; her parenting approach; and her outlook on life.

Oh, her outlook on life. Yes. She's 19. Now signed with Single Source Speakers, Palin will come to your fundraiser, conference, special event or youth program, to talk about abstinence, pro-life and other topics.

She recently spent an evening partying in NYC after taking part in the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, said the NY Daily News. She had this to say about fellow famehound Levi Johnston:

“Having sex has consequences, no matter how safe you are. If I could go back, I would have told myself that just because he’s good at sports and drives a cool truck, it’s meaningless — it’s pointless.”

AP notes Palin is lately working in a physician's office. Apparently her earlier effort at starting a political consulting business didn't take off. Really, we have nothing against a young girl making something of herself. But this isn't that.

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