Boyd's 'no' vote on reconciliation 

Rep. Allen Boyd, D-Fla., was one of two Democrats who voted against the reconciliation bill designed to become the "sidecar" for ObamaCare in yesterday's House Budget Committee hearing. He is one of the Democrats who voted "no" last time but is believed to be on the fence this time.

But his "no" vote yesterday was not based on opposition to health care, per se. It was based on opposition to the inclusion of the federal student loan takeover.

WASHINGTON — The House Budget Committee approved legislation Monday aimed at tweaking the Senate version of the health-care overhaul, despite opposition from Democratic Rep. Allen Boyd. 

 But Boyd's vote focused on the inclusion of student-loan legislation that he opposes rather than any health provisions. The loan portion of the legislation calls for the federal government to handle all student loans, rather than subsidize private banks, threatening 600 jobs at a Sallie Mae loan-processing office in Panama City.

"It had nothing to do with health care," Boyd of Monticello said of his vote. "It was student loans."

So Boyd's vote is still up in the air, but depending on what comes out of the Rules Committee he probably will not have the option of voting on the two issues separately. (Obviously, he hopes he will.) The student loan bill, CBO now says, will save the government $40 billion, and that money will make up for part of the health care spending.

For more on the student loan takeover and the scramble by loan servicers to prevent it, see Tim Carney's excellent column from earlier this month.

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