Boxer highlights Palin endorsement to raise money 

We noticed Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Carly Fiorina yesterday in the California GOP Senate primary. So did her potential Democratic opponent, Sen. Barbara Boxer, who is now using Palin’s endorsement as a fundraising tool on her e-mail list:

Palin’s endorsement is a giant, right-wing seal of approval for Fiorina’s candidacy and could rally significant tea party support to her side. It’s just the latest example of the national right-wing focus on capturing this Senate seat.

If you needed any further proof that Barbara is one of their top targets in 2010 — this is it. We need your help, right now, to fight back.

Contribute today — and help Barbara fight back!

We’ve known that the right-wing extremists and tea partiers have long had their sights on Barbara’s race.

Karl Rove has already come to California to rail against Barbara’s record of accomplishment. Ultraconservative groups including the National Pro-Life Council and the S.B. Anthony List have endorsed Carly Fiorina, promising to support her all the way.

And now, as if that weren’t enough, Sarah Palin is entering the fray, attacking Barbara Boxer while she taps her chosen candidate.

In other races, Sarah Palin’s endorsement has brought with it a deluge of support from national right-wing activists. So we have to prepare now.

Carly Fiorina was quick to return Palin’s embrace, saying she is “honored and grateful to have Sarah Palin’s support,” and recently said, “I share Sarah Palin’s values.” Really…

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