Bottle manufacturer finds San Francisco is less wasteful than other cities 

A water bottle manufacturer rated San Francisco as the nation’s least wasteful city.

Nalgene commissioned a study of 25 cities that rated San Francisco highly on scores of metrics related to environmental wastefulness.

The City achieved the following ranks:

1st: Recycling glass, metal and plastic on a regular basis

1st: Taking public transportation

1st: Using rain barrels

1st: Avoiding driving a car for short trips

1st: Participating in city-led sustainability and environmental programs

2nd: Using reusable instead of disposable food containers

2nd: Taking short showers

2nd: Reusing wrapping paper and ribbons

2nd: Hanging clothes out to dry

2nd: Borrowing books from the library, or buying used books, instead of buying new books

2nd: Buying food in bulk to avoid extra packaging

3rd: Using reusable instead of single-serve drink bottles

3rd: Composting food scraps

3rd: Saving leftover food

“Many times, people assume you have to spend money to live a green lifestyle, like buying a hybrid or installing a solar panel roof,” the company said in a statement. “This study aims to show that small actions like using a reusable water bottle in place of bottled water, borrowing books from the library or using your public transportation system really can add up to make a large impact on the environment.”

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