Book sales hath no fury like a campaign staffer scorned! 

Andrew Young with the candidate, in happier times.                 (ap photo)

Read any good books lately? Taegan Goddard reminds us that next month brings a veritable second-wave Christmas of books from two prominent scorned parties: Former John Edwards staffer Andrew Young and former governor's wife Jenny Sanford. Excellent! Just in time for Valentine's Day.

But -- don't you feel like every time some juicy book comes out, it is instantly so cannibalized by various media that it eliminateses any point to buying it?

On Sanford's book, The State quotes publisher Ballantine Books:

"Writing with uncommon candor from a deep well of spiritual strength, [Jenny] Sanford shares personal stories and life lessons from before and after she stepped into the public realm," the publisher says. "And she describes the many ways that the seductions of power can drive apart even the most committed couples."

For our money ($24.99 list price) Young's book is more intriguing. Is there any more poignant and doomed love affair than between a loyal staffer and the candidate they really, really believe in? Well, it's up there. Young's "The Politician" promises to dish on Young's willingness to claim that Edwards' mistress, Reille Hunter, was his own girlfriend and her baby was theirs (Young was already married) in order to protect Edwards. And much more!

In a September profile of Young in Politico, Ben Smith wrote that it's an old story, in a lot of ways.

Young has fleetingly emerged from the wreckage of Edwards’s political career as a character from central casting. First he was the fall guy, and now he’s the sellout, peddling his story in a tell-all book. But the real story of Young is about the passions of politics and the classic political triangle of the candidate, his wife and the sometimes sycophantic aide. The consuming devotion that politicians command from a small handful of loyalists is familiar — and not just in presidential campaigns.

In the end, both stories seem kind of sad and squalid. It will be interesting to see if either book delivers something new.




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