Boeing wins tanker deal -- who were their lobbyists? 

I've got no dog in the fight over the $35 billion contract Boeing just won, over EADS, to provide a flying gas station (other than my persistent skepticism about [a] the need for any given military program and [b] the absence of cronyism from the decision-making process, especially in this case). But I do want to point out that Boeing is pretty lobbied-up (I may be the only one who uses that expression, but it's a good one).

Here are some of Boeing's lobbyists (many of whom may never have lobbied on the tanker deal):

  • Former Rep. Bill Paxon
  • Former House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt
  • Linda Daschle, wife of former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle
  • Scoop Jackson aide Denny Miller
  • Former Homeland Security Assistant Secretary Stewart Verdery
  • Tony Podesta
  • Former Obama aide Oscar Ramirez
  • Former House Approps Spokesman John Scofield
  • Former Bush Treasury Aide Tara Bradshaw


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