Bloomberg gives $50 million to help Sierra kill coal; What if NYC got more than 10 percent of its power from coal? 

New York City residents and businesses depend upon coal-generated power sources for only about 10 percent of their electricity and other energy.

Maybe that's why Gotham's Mayor Michael Bloomberg is giving Big Green powerhouse Sierra Club $50 million for its "Beyond Coal" lobbying and public relations campaign to make sure "the existing fleet of outdated coal plants gets cleaned up or phased out — and is replaced by solar and wind energy that’s ready to fill our energy needs, create new jobs, and jump-start the green economy," according to Mary Ann Hitt, the campaign's director.

Bloomberg, who made his fortune before entering politics by founding and growing the Bloomberg News empire, presides over a city that need not worry about losing coal to generate electricity. New York City currently depends upon natural gas (31.4 percent), nuclear (32.7 percent) and hydroelectric (20 percent) for generating its power needs.

As for the rest of the country, coal-fired power plants generate more than half of all the electrity used and in some places the percentage can be as high as 90 percent.

Unfortunately, Sierra's campaign is not limited to eliminating coal as a power source for just New York City, it seems to kill coal nationwide. The only problem is, according to the federal Energy Information Administration, it will be two to three decades before those green energy sources touted by Sierra as ready replacements will be capable of satisfying the nation's power needs at affordable prices.

It looks like rest of us will just have to be content to freeze in the dark for 3o years while the Sierra Club and its rich allies like Bloomberg bask in the glow of their good works.


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