Blame misplaced in cellphone thefts 

? “ Industry must try to curb cellphone thefts,” Letters, Opinion, March 17

Blame misplaced in cellphone thefts

Thea Selby’s letter pointing the finger at the cellphone industry for thefts is the perfect example of a major social problem today: rejection of personal responsibility. Apparently what happens to us is everyone’s fault but our own. She thinks police officers telling her to not use her cellphone in public are “blaming the victim”? Then why bother to lock our front doors?

Following her opinion, if we then get robbed, it’s the fault of police officers or some builder who failed to make theft-resistant unlocked homes. That’s more than foolishness from someone who wanted to be District 5 supervisor. It’s absurd.

Ann Grogan
San Francisco

? Political labels

City Hall brands baffle

I have been continually baffled by your publication’s choice of nomenclature when it comes to our local politicians. Supervisor David Campos is branded a “progressive,” yet has proven to be a reliable corporate-style conservative on numerous pieces of legislation — including votes in favor of privatization of our parks, regressive taxes and fees, as well as AT&T’s successful move to colonize our streets with gigantic utility boxes.

Conversely, I find it equally baffling that radical corporate-conservative Supervisor Scott Wiener is celebrated as a “moderate.” There has been nothing “moderate” about his views, and many of his bills and free-speech-chilling ordinances (passed by a compliant and complacent Board of Supervisors) will continue to have negative impacts on the lives of ordinary San Franciscans long after Wiener has moved away.

Harry S. Pariser
San Francisco

? “San Francisco tenant advocates worry about costs of quake-safety upgrades,” Local News, March 19

Quake safety worth price

The benefits of seismic upgrades are unclear for tenants? Renters do not think $300 to $400 per year to protect themselves from death or injury is a benefit?

I think the benefit is very clear. If really low-income renters cannot afford this, there is a process at the rent board to contest capital improvement pass-through costs. For most renters, however, this is a small price to pay to protect themselves, their families and their possessions.

David Fix
San Francisco

? “Bevan Dufty making big strides on homelessness,” Editorial, Opinion, March 5

Homeless costing city  

“Glow words” dominate The San Francisco Examiner’s editorial about The City’s latest effort to cure homelessness through better outreach.

Not one word addresses the expense of The City’s new effort. Nor does the editorial say how much San Francisco spends currently on the homeless population.

Steve Lawrence
San Francisco

? “Spring training irrelevant, unless you’re Tim Lincecum,” Sports, March 10

‘The Freak’ on his way out

Tim Lincecum may be better suited for the bullpen or an occasional start, rather than as a regular starter who weighs 160 pounds.

I could also see him closing games (by committee) since Sergio Romo is not yet a proven commodity over the long haul of a season. The problem is Lincecum knows you do not make  $20 million per year in the bullpen, and he’ll be off to greener pastures when the contract is up.

John Kasper
San Francisco

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