Bill Delahunt, a lobbyist's lawmaker, passes through the revolving door 

Former Rep. Bill Delahunt, D-Mass., has passed through the revolving door, in a particularly fitting way. The firm, Eckert Seamans, announced Delahunt was joining "to advise clients in highly regulated business environment[s]."

More specifically, Delahunt will provide "strategic counsel to firm clients on complex regulatory issues such as healthcare, financial services and energy and environmental matters."

Of course, Delahunt was one of the people who made "healthcare, financial services, and energy and environmental matters" into "highly regulated business environments" by voting for and championing ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, and dozens of other regulatory bills over his years in Congress. Delahunt made government bigger, and big government set the stage for his new lucrative job.

Delahunt's new boss touts Delahunt's "incomparable insight and connections at the busy intersection of business and politics." And Delahunt helped expand that intersection by supporting regulations and subsidies.

Even before joining Eckert Seamans, Delahunt was monetizing his "public service." He was hired as a lobbyist for the Mashpee Wampanoag Indian tribe. One reason the tribe needed a lobbyist of his stature, according to the Cape Cod Times:

The positions the tribe took opposing Cape Wind turned the very officials they needed against them - Governor Patrick, Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and powerful groups like the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Clean Power Now, and many environmental organizations who have serious clout in the corridors of government both in the state and national levels.

Got it? Oppose Big Government: make enemies. Hire Big Government politicians: make amends. Delahunt, however, has long been on good terms with the tribe: "Delahunt has had a long history of working with the Wampanoags and advocating on their behalf as the tribe pushed for authority to build a casino on land in Middleborough."

But it's not only Delahunt's record as a big-government guy that makes him a natural fit for the lobbying world. Remember his daughter was a lobbyist, too, with the Saudi Economic and Development Company as a client.

Then there was the time he pulled this one:

In 2005 Rep. Bill Delahunt, a Democrat who represents Cape Cod, addressed the Washington Summit of the Travel Business Roundtable, and urged it to lobby more. Fed News reported, "The Congressman called on the industry to wage a more aggressive, bipartisan campaign."

...The Travel Business Roundtable registered as a lobbying organization in 2006, changed its name to the Discover America Partnership, and hired Steven Schwadron, Delahunt's longtime chief of staff, as its K Street lobbyist.

And then Delahunt introduced a bill to subsidize the travel industry.

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