Big retailers threaten to use 'toy safety' law to kill small second-hand stores 

Regulation, rather than curbing the excesses of Big Business, is frequently a cudgel with which Big Business smashes small business to the detriment of the consumer. The Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act is a great example. I've read dozens of CPSIA horror stories, mostly thanks to the work on this issue by Walter Olson. Here's a new story from the owner of a second-hand store:

I’m no longer comfortable posting publicly about CPSIA since a local children’s resale full-time store owner has told several of her shoppers that she’s planning to call the [local] Attorney General to come investigate my next seasonal consignment event to be sure I’m in compliance with CPSIA. Since I don’t have XRF vision, there is no way to prove I’m in compliance with the instructions to not resell anything over the lead limits, despite the fact that I’m not required to test. I still don’t have a clue what do to about phthalates, but I’ve banned all bath books, bath toys, & teething toys from our events anyway.” [Emphasis added]

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