Big Business for more federal debt, a value-added tax, and tax hikes in Cali. 

The Big Myth is that Big Business and Big Government are enemies -- that Big Business wants to be left alone, meaning libertarianism is a sop to Big Business. This is one of the articles of faith for some liberal scribblers like Paul Krugman, Thomas Frank, Frank Rich, and the Kochspiracy theorists at the Center for American Progress.

It's complete and utter cowturds, as I've laid out in two books, hundreds of blog posts, and hundreds of columns. But the Left keeps repeating it, and the media keeps believing it, so I guess I should keep refuting it. Here are three examples, from just today:

1) From the WSJ:

Sixty-two business groups, including the American Gas Association, the Telecommunications Industry Association, and the National Association of Manufacturers, urged congressional leaders on Wednesday to raise the federal debt ceiling amid fears that political brinkmanship could lead to another financial crisis.

I  wrote about a similar dynamic during the gov't shutdown debate. Big Business pushed the GOP to give in, while small business wanted cuts.

2) The Value-Added Tax, or VAT, is known as a magical revenue machine. It's the most effective way to dramatically increase the size of government. What do Big Businesses think of the VAT?

“As you take a holistic view… the value-added tax is one of those things that needs to be on the table,” Greg Hayes, CFO of United Technologies Corp., said in response to a lawmaker’s question, reports WSJ.

3) And, from California:

[California Chamber of Commerce President Allan] Zaremberg and other business leaders have been working behind the scenes to prod Republicans into voting for Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed tax extensions.

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