Bevan Dufty slams Arizona as ‘xenophobic, homophobic and ignorant’ 

Did he just say that?

At a mayoral debate Thursday evening focused on the power of technology in government, mayoral candidate and former Supervisor Bevan Dufty veered from the topic of technology to list what he thought was so great about San Francisco.

He mentioned former Mayor Gavin Newsom’s defiant decision to start marrying same-sex couples at San Francisco City Hall. He mentioned Healthy San Francisco, a system that allows uninsured city residents access to health care. And he praised The City’s sanctuary ordinance, which prohibits local authorities from assisting federal immigration officials.

And then he went a step further.

“I’m proud of the fact that we face off against a state like Arizona, which is xenophobic, homophobic and ignorant,” Dufty said.

After the debate, we caught up with Dufty and asked him if he really meant to stereotype an entire state of 6.6 million people. He was quick to point out at that, no, he wasn’t referring to the entire state but only to “movements,” such as the immigration law that led to a travel boycott of the state last year.

He also told us that he has been active in fighting laws that he feels are unfair. For example, he was in Phoenix recently to protest a state bill there that would give gay couples the lowest priority when it comes to adopting children.

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