‘Best of Ladytron’ has two versions 

click to enlarge Atmospheric synth: Ladytron’s new album is called “Gravity the Seducer.” (Courtesy photo) - ATMOSPHERIC SYNTH: LADYTRON’S NEW ALBUM IS CALLED “GRAVITY THE SEDUCER.” (COURTESY PHOTO)
  • Atmospheric synth: Ladytron’s new album is called “Gravity the Seducer.” (Courtesy photo)
  • Atmospheric synth: Ladytron’s new album is called “Gravity the Seducer.” (Courtesy photo)

It’s been a busy year for U.K. synth-rockers Ladytron. The 12-year-old outfit — fronted by singers Mira Arroyo and Helen Marnie and backed by keyboardists Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu — issued “Best of Ladytron: 00-10” anthology (in a regular and two-disc deluxe edition) and followed with a textural fifth album, “Gravity the Seducer.” Wu phoned from his native Liverpool for a quick Ladytron update.

Ladytron has a two-album greatest hits already? Who knew you had so many hits? Well, they’re hits from an alternative universe. It took us awhile to decide that we were going to do this. And then the second decision was, ‘Well, what are we going to put on it?’ So what we ended up with was a single CD for the normal masses, and then a double CD of deep catalog stuff for the more hardcore fans.

You originally worked at a design firm, right? Yes. This was while the band was in its early stages and we were doing it as a hobby. My job was in industrial design, and I did various things, including medical stuff, two-wheeled vehicles like scooters, even asthma inhalers. It’s interesting because, since leaving design and doing music, I’ve traveled a lot, all over the world, and I’ve been finding my products that I designed everywhere. There was a moped thing that I designed, and now they’re everywhere in London, and in Australia, Dubai, the Netherlands. So it’s nice to see another one of your babies running around.

What’s the weirdest product you designed? There was a vodka shot-glass holder for a well-known vodka bar in England. I designed a holder so you could carry six shot glasses in one row, so I think I contributed to quite a lot of hangovers. But I designed a plastic one, because drunken revelers used to use the old wooden ones as weapons, which led to a lot of injuries.

There’s an ABBA-esque symmetry to Ladytron. Did you apply your designer’s eye to the group, too? Well, I’m not the only designer in the band — Danny is a graphic designer, and we’re all very visually aware of stuff. So everything that we do, we think of very carefully. We actually started off very DIY — we were doing all the artwork ourselves, designing our own merch, and setting up all of our own shows, because no one else knew how to set up knackered old synthesizers. We were probably the only band around using them at the time!



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