Being Bay’s biggest star adds pressure on Timmy 

click to enlarge Falling star? Tim Lincecum had the shortest start of his career on Wednesday and some fans worry his issues could linger this year. - GETTY IMAGES FILE PHOTO
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  • Falling star? Tim Lincecum had the shortest start of his career on Wednesday and some fans worry his issues could linger this year.

Two starts into his season, Tim Lincecum and his struggles are of grave concern among Giants fans. And maybe the concern is legit. He’s their ace, he had a bad spring, he wasn’t good on Opening Day, and he had his worst career start Wednesday in Colorado.

Without him pitching like a legit top-of-the-rotation guy, the Giants don’t feel like a contender at all.

It’s also quite possible, though, that he’s a victim of something completely out of his control. He’s the focal point of so many fans because the Bay Area has so little to focus on when it comes to genuine sports stars.

I’m talking rock stars. Not just great athletes.

Great personalities. Great auras. Great charisma.

Lincecum has all of it, and for a major market that features two big-league baseball teams, two NFL teams, an NBA team, an NHL team and some major colleges, there’s a startling lack of supernovas in this region’s sports constellation.

I’m talking current, active stars here.

Timmy got busted for smoking dope and his approval rating soared. It spawned T-shirts. It made him a bigger star.

Is there anyone else even close to that around here? The No. 2 might be a coach, for crying out loud? How weak is that?

Jim Harbaugh. “What’s your deal?” “Who’s got it better than us?”

That’s our No. 2?

Or is it Brian Wilson. He’s the only one even close, right?

Patrick Willis? Matt Cain, Buster Posey? Great players, but do they have “it”?

Eh. Not yet, they don’t.

So who might? Whose star could be ascending? Warriors, Raiders, A’s and Sharks fans, where you at?

Steph Curry and Andrew Bogut — especially Bogut, if you ask me — would be my top contenders if they get healthy and lead the Dubs to the postseason next year.

Darren McFadden could be a contender if he ever played a full year and flashed some fire.

Yoenis Cespedes could definitely join the conversation, but not until he can join it in English; all that talent and charisma and the super-hero body gets a little lost in translation right now.

Sorry, Sharkies. Just can’t see it.

Remarkable, isn’t it? We used to be ground zero for this kind of thing.

Joe. Jerry. Steve. Barry. The Snake. The Bash Brothers. Will the Thrill. The Big Three. Run-DMC. The list goes on and on.

Now it’s poor Timmy, all alone. Bet he wishes he had some company right about now.

Nice to see the A’s show some solidarity Wednesday in the wake of Cespedes getting drilled for the third time this season. No way it was intentional, but No. 1 starter Brandon McCarthy acted like a true ace and earned some leadership/respect points in the clubhouse by essentially saying, “This has to stop, and we as a staff have to stop it.” Good stuff. ... Bobby Petrino got what he deserved. Ozzie Guillen did not. Five games? The Marlins play in Little Havana! Ozzie deserved the ax. ... Gotta love Bubba Watson, the anti-Tiger in every way. You just know the stiff-shirts at Augusta are dreading next year’s Champions Dinner. Make it as messy and greasy as all get-out, Bubba. ... And finally, say or feel what you want about ex-KNBR host Ralph Barbieri, but don’t say he wasn’t consistent. Went out with guns a-blazin’, saying whatever he damn well pleased. We should all feel that sense of righteousness. Good for him.

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