Behind the veil: Tiger & Woods tee up dialogue 

The S.F. Examiner landed a rare interview with the enigmatic Tiger & Woods in anticipation of their rooftop gig at the W Hotel on Saturday. The notably secretive twosome discuss their love of Larry David, key musical influences and the reason behind the anonymity.

What’s behind the name Tiger & Woods? The name sounds really good and rhythmical. It reminds us of the names of old producers like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. It's not really related to golf, except for the fact that the project is inspired by a track released on a label with a bit of golf in it.

I see on your Facebook page, you two are named as Larry Tiger and David Woods – are you fans of Larry David? We love Larry David! It's the type of humor that we'd love to see more! And sometimes we've ended up in "Curb Your Enthusiasm"-type scenarios.

What led to the idea of embarking on a project like Tiger & Woods? T&W was not really planned. We just wanted to have some unique edits for our DJ set.

Do you feel you’ve met your original goals?
In terms of having fun and make "good feelin'" music, yes. There was not a proper plan or goal we set at the beginning of the project. We want to reach new goals [though], that's for sure.

In an age of heightened celebrity, why all the secrecy and anonymity? Everything is so overexposed, accessible and easy to get. For once, we wanted to do something -- like back in the days -- where people just guessed over a record, a name or a project. We wanted to let people focus on music rather than profile pictures!

Reviews have described your sound as future boogie, do you agree with this characterization? We never really got this obsession with tags. We don't know exactly what future boogie is. What we do is something in between edits: house and boogie with a bit of techno and Minneapolis-sound influences -- it's basically the sum of everything we love.

Who or what influences the songs and the sounds you create? The influences are different. We love the Minneapolis sound, the Kashif's boogie bassline, as well as Chicago house, Detroit techno and Italo [disco].

Let's talk a bit about your history with music: are you musicians and DJs as well as producers? How long have you been playing music? We both have a DJ background. We won't tell you much about our solo projects, but we've been in the game since the beginning of the 90's, especially one of us.

Debut album, "Through the Green" is a warm and dancey trek through loops and diva house vocals -- describe the creative process behind this record. The creative process was pretty smooth. Part of the tracks were previously released as 12". The rest of the tracks are original productions. We wanted to push the project to another level and make our own music that sounded like the stuff we love to sample -- that's when the collaboration with our singer 'Em started.

Is the title "Through the Green" a nod to golf? Kind of ...

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