Beastie Boys wield license to kill as they battle snipers, sharks and zombies 

Holy shades of “Robot Chicken,” Batman!

Those irrepressible Beastie Boys — no longer content to make mischief in the life-sized real world — have shrunk themselves down to action figures to wreak even more worldwide havoc.

The first single/video from their recent “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two” — “Make Some Noise” — was directed by the band’s own MCA (Adam Yauch). But for the brand-new follow-up release, “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win,” they recruited their old bud Spike Jonze, who’d previously helmed the classic clip for “Sabotage.”

They arrived at something that would make Seth Green proud: A mini-film of themselves as tiny stop-motion action figures, enduring various James-Bond-ian snafus.

Along with a plastic-toy representation of the song’s guest vocalist Santigold, the trusty trio of MCA, Ad Rock and Mike D travel across land, sea and sky to escape certain death at the hands of mercenaries. Along the way, they battle snipers, killer sharks and even (gulp!) zombies as they fight! For their right! To par-taaaay!

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