Bay Area sports fans still have plenty to be thankful for 

Colin Kaepernick (7) and the 49ers came painfully close to being Super Bowl champs, but there’s much more for fans to look forward to. - GETTY IMAGES FILE PHOTO
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  • Colin Kaepernick (7) and the 49ers came painfully close to being Super Bowl champs, but there’s much more for fans to look forward to.

Fans who live in a major sports market like the Bay Area have a luxury that those living in, say, Indianapolis, simply don’t have and will forever envy: The ability to quickly snap out of the mental funk that often comes with a crushing loss.

Super Bowl? So last week. Time to bounce back, people. On to the next.

Who can truly maintain a mad-on for Greg Roman’s play-calling in the clutch when the Giants just got the band back together Saturday at AT&T Park? They’re opening spring training as the reigning world champs this week.

Who can stay shamed by the association with Jim Harbaugh and his oh-so-unflattering — yet distinctly revealing — postgame sniveling? The A’s are opening spring training as reigning division champs.

Who can continue to beat up on Chris Culliver, who quite possibly had the least super week in the history of the Super Bowl? The Warriors, recent road woes aside, are as compelling as they’ve been in years.

Who can even half-heartedly keep killing Randy Moss for his appalling temerity in suggesting that his legacy even remotely compares to that of the peerless Jerry Rice, when the Sharks have crazy early-season bite?  

OK, maybe you can stay mad at Moss. Besmirching Jerry, after all, outweighs all things NHL, particularly in the wake of the league’s largely unnoticed work stoppage. The point remains.

Imagine the Colts getting to within 5 yards of pulling off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history and imploding in a questionable series of coaching decisions and poor execution.

Do you think their fans would be moving on from the sting of such a loss by focusing on the Pacers?

No. Not even the city’s beloved Indiana Hoosiers’ lofty status in the national basketball rankings would be enough to stop the Colts’ fan base from obsessing over the opportunity uncashed.

And no, the Triple-A Indy Indians’ prospects for the coming season wouldn’t serve as any sort of salve, either.

Indianapolis this morning would be even more bleak than it is on a normal late-winter day. People’s faces would remain as ashen as they were a week ago. Maybe even worse.

Here, though? Not to minimize the pain felt when the 49ers did the unthinkable by actually losing a Super Bowl, much less losing it in such excruciating fashion, but it sure did seem that by about, oh, last Thursday, an awful lot of people were kind of over it.

Not completely over it, mind you. Again, this isn’t to suggest last Sunday wasn’t a powerful punch in the gut. It was.

Yet we here in this massive, gorgeous, thriving, dynamic swath of Mother Earth have so much else going on, in both the world of professional sports and in our admittedly provincial world, that the Niners’ loss already seems like, well, not all that big of a deal.

Perhaps that’s because Harbaugh’s boys appear to be so built for sustained success, allowing us to assume they’ll make repeated marches on the NFL mountaintop in the next several years, the way they did back in the Joe-Jerry-Steve days.

Just as likely, though, it’s because we’re not thinking much about those days, or of that crappy day last week. We’re thinking of today, and today is about Buster and Yoenis, and Steph and D-Lee and, yes, even Jumbo Joe.

Being here, during this special time on the local sports landscape, means we don’t have to look back at anything unsightly in the immediate past, and we certainly don’t have time to stare at it.

What’s in front of us, on so many fronts, makes it easy to move on. We’re lucky like that.

Mychael Urban has covered Bay Area sports for more than 22 years as a contributor to Comcast SportsNet,, KNBR,, ESPN The Magazine and various newspapers. Follow him on Twitter @BigUrbSports. His website is

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Mychael Urban

Mychael Urban has been covering Bay Area sports for 25 years and has worked for, Comcast SportsNet Bay Area and KNBR (680 AM).
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