Bay Area bridge toll increases looming for big-rig vehicles 

Trucking companies were able to temporarily avoid last year’s toll increases on Bay Area bridges, but starting July 1, big-rigs will have to start shelling out more money to cross the spans.

Instead of the current price of $6, three-axle trucks will start paying $10.50 to cross the Bay Bridge and the six other spans managed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (all but the Golden Gate Bridge.) The tolls for four-axle trucks will go from $8.25 to $14, five-axle trucks rates will increase from $11.25 to $18, and six-axle truck rates will get hiked from $12 to $21.

On the Golden Gate Bridge, which is managed by a separate agency, rates will increase for three-axle trucks to $13, four-axle trucks to $18, five-axle trucks to $22, and six-axle trucks to $27.

Both the MTC and the Golden Gate Bridge District opted to delay toll increases last year for big-rigs, in an effort to give the industry more time to prepare for the cost hikes.

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