BART can take Caltrain’s place with fewer deaths 

Caltrain cameras and crossing “improvements” only throw good money after bad. Inherently dangerous Caltrain killed its 10th person this year, this time near the recently safety-upgraded Churchill Avenue crossing in Palo Alto — the 150th death on its rails in the past 15 years.

Caltrain’s killings of our neighbors, kids, friends and others who need suicide intervention are inevitable until this outdated system is replaced by BART. The gap from Millbrae down the congested Peninsula to upcoming Santa Clara terminus could be safely and efficiently filled by BART.

Tragically, another 125 Caltrain deaths will occur on its tracks by 2022 unless Peninsula politicians focus now to start the multiyear BART extension process. Right now, too many of the incumbents want to make Caltrain the shill for the high-speed rail boondoggle.

Omar Chatty
San Jose

Give cops benefit of doubt

Dave Roberts’ Friday op-ed on the BART police shooting represents the worst example of after-the-fact quarterbacking and mind-boggling ignorance. There are few people in this world that would have the courage to take on a knife- and bottle-wielding drunk. At minimum, police officers deserve the benefit of the doubt. The Taser is a great law enforcement tool, but it has significant limitations. Let’s give Dave a Taser and a gun and 60 seconds in a similar scenario and see which one he uses.

Kaiser Wexler
San Francisco

DMV and disabilities

Regarding your Thursday cover story on Muni operators using parking placards for the disabled: It’s true that not all severe disabilities are visible to a casual observer. But a disability severe enough to qualify for a parking placard would, as far as I can tell, make it impossible to legally hold a valid DMV commercial drivers’ medical certificate. Therefore, the requirements for the parking placard and those for a DMV medical certificate appear mutually exclusive.

Dr. Paul Quick
San Francisco

Oust SFMTA Chair Nolan

The civil grand jury’s exposure of the fatal flaws of the Central Subway project explains why Muni recently rushed to approve the $233 million tunnel-boring contract despite the fact that construction won’t begin until next year, if ever.

The City has solved half its problem at Muni with the termination of Nathaniel Ford. It is now time to address the other half of the problem by ousting SFMTA Chair Tom Nolan, an enthusiastic supporter of the Central Subway boondoggle.

Paul Foley
San Rafael

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Sunday, Sep 24, 2017


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