Barbour: Don't expect purity from GOP nominee 

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour implored conservative activists who were attending this year's Faith and Freedom Coalition conference to not expect purity from any presidential candidate and to unify around the eventual Republican nominee so that they could beat President Obama.

Barbour is one of the savviest political minds in either party, so his comments suggest he senses that many conservatives are uneasy about the current crop of Republican candidates.

No candidate is going to agree with you on everything, Barbour told the crowd, but predicted that the eventual Republican nominee is still "going to agree with you on a lot more than you agree with Barack Obama.”

 He said "We cannot expect our candidate to be pure."

While he predicted that the GOP primary is “going to be a scrap,” he said when it was all over, Republicans had to stick together.

“You gotta get in your head right now, 'I'm going to fight for my person,' but when it's all over, I'm going to support the person who can beat Barack Obama.'"

Barbour recalled when Republicans lost in 1992 as Ross Perot gobbled up votes as a third party candidate and blamed a “phony Tea Party” candidate for the GOP loss in the NY-26 Congressional race last week.

He said that Obama has worn out two kneepads praying for division among conservatives in 2012.

“You don't want to look in the mirror on the first Wednesday in November and say, 'Barack Obama is reelected because of what I didn't do,” Barbour warned.


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