Barack Obama diss sparks fight in West Portal 

A diss on President Barack Obama has once again sparked a fight  in San Francisco.

For at least a second time in less than two months, police were called to a scuffle Saturday about a man who attempted to take down an anti-Obama sign that featured a Hitler mustache drawn over the president’s face.

The suspect had been attacking political supporters of Lyndon LaRouche, a fringe political activist who opposes the president and has been setting up information stands at various locations citywide, a LaRouche official said.

Attacks on LaRouche supporters seems to happen almost weekly, not just in The City but nationwide, said Alexandra Perebikovsky, a campaign manager for LaRouche Congressional candidate Summer Shields.

"It's definitely something we have to deal with a lot," Perebikovsky said. "Generally our procedure is if anything looks like it might get violent, we'll call the cops."

The latest incident was reported to police around 11 a.m. near the intersection of West Portal Avenue and Vicente Street. The LaRouche supporters called police after a member of an angry mob tried to tear down their poster. There were no injuries or arrest.

Last month, a 29-year-old Daly City man who had set up an anti-Obama table with political literature and signs was attacked in the 1200 block of Fell Street.

Two suspects approached the victim, tore one of the signs and shook the table, causing the political literature to fall to the ground.

An employee at a RadioShack and a manager at a Starbucks on West Portal Avenue said the LaRouche supporters have set up several times in the area.

On Saturday, a mob of angry passerby apparently incited the aggressive behavior, Perebikovsky said.

"One person starts yelling, then has other people start yelling, and other people will get riled up," she said.

Perebikovsky said she knows that signs potraying the president as a fascist might anger San Franciscans.

"But we have to do it," she said. "Right now what we are facing [in terms of the national economy] is a scary situation. It might offend some people, but it's more important that we are out there educating people...then just sitting back."

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