Balls: Quit on the Champs? Just don’t do it 

C’mon, Bay Area, you’re better than that.

It seems that a lot of people have written off the Giants after 10 games in the regular season. Balls knows you are. You were the same spoiled wine-sippers who rushed to the exits in the eighth inning of the home opener as if your BMWs were on fire.

Well, don’t go there. Just don’t do it.

Balls was this close to doing it last summer. On June 8, the Giants had a 10-game lead in the NL West before the sky fell on top of them. From June 9 to the Fourth of July, they were god awful — five wins, 18 losses. In a stretch of 11 days, they won one game. Yet somehow, they were able to get up off the floor and sneak into the playoffs through the back door.

That was then, this is now. Different season, different team. But don’t we have to see the actual 2015 Giants team play a game before we call it a season? The real Brandon Belt hasn’t shown up yet. Casey McGehee has barely played — that’s a good thing on defense — and Matt Cain and Hunter Pence haven’t played at all.

Until then, it’s like general manager Brian Sabean says — let’s wait 50 games and see where we are then. If the Champs still rank 11th in runs scored and ninth in earned run average, then they really are in trouble. But this franchise has a way to make the doubters look really dumb, if you haven’t noticed already.

FINE PRINT 1: It would be in the best interests of Giants manager Bruce Bochy’s bunch not to dig a 6-foot hole early in the season, or else it might not be able to climb out of it. The Champs played an average of 174 games in the last four seasons, more than any team in the big leagues. Could they overcome a large deficit in July or August? Perhaps. It’s just that they may be physically and emotionally spent come September this time.

FINE PRINT 2: It’s the health of Madison Bumgarner that should really concern the Giants and their fans, because without him, it really would be a bummer of a summer.

Since 2012, MadBum averaged close to 232 innings including the postseason. If it’s true that two postseason innings equals one regular-season inning on the stress meter, then the number balloons to 254, which is off the charts in this age of five- and six-man rotations. It has been 11 years since a pitcher (Livan Hernandez) logged that many innings in a regular season.

Whether he’s 6-foot-5, 235 pounds or 5-foot-6, 135 pounds, every pitcher has his expiration date. As bionic as Bumgarner seems at times, he has one as well. The Champs can only hope that it’s measured in years, not days.

CONNECT THE DOTS: What do Chris Carpenter, Roy Halladay, CC Sabathia, Johan Santana, Justin Verlander, Adam Wainwright and Brandon Webb have in common? They led their leagues in innings pitched at least once in the last 10 years. And all encountered arms problems shortly thereafter.

WHERE’S (THE OLD) PABLO?: Yep, the Champs sure could use Pablo Sandoval right about now. But who would have thunk it was in the field, not at the plate.

This season, Sandoval has a soft .306 batting average, zero extra-base hits and nine strikeouts in 36 at-bats. He also has a bum left foot that may keep him out a while. His season highlight: a slide in which he punched a second baseman in the privates.

So stop the chatter about how the $17.6 million version would have saved his old team. That player checked out four years ago.

TOO LEGIT TO QUIT: Those 77 consecutive 3-pointers that Warriors star Stephen Curry allegedly drained at practice the other day seem too preposterous to believe. Seventy-seven in a row? Really?


Nick U’Ren, Warriors special assistant to the coach, claimed that he counted each and every one of them.’s Tom Friend and Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins also were in attendance, and both vouched for their legitimacy.

“It really did happen,” U’Ren said. “I counted the shots that he made for every 10 attempts like I always do. He hit so many in a row that I was afraid to move because I didn’t to distract him.”

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