Balls: Mouthy Warriors can only hope scrimmages are in their future 

click to enlarge Pelicans forward Anthony Davis, besides having a shot rejected by the Warriors’ Andrew Bogut, was offended by a comment made by a Golden State player Tuesday. - GERALD HERBERT/AP FILE PHOTO
  • Gerald Herbert/AP File Photo
  • Pelicans forward Anthony Davis, besides having a shot rejected by the Warriors’ Andrew Bogut, was offended by a comment made by a Golden State player Tuesday.
So maybe the Warriors won’t win the Lady Byng Award this season, after all.

On Tuesday, boy wonder Anthony Davis claimed a Warriors player dissed his New Orleans Pelicans before the game. (Say, that wouldn’t be Draymond Green, would it?) The Pelicans proved to be a bit more than the junior varsity in the 103-100 victory, which moved them into the eighth and final spot in the playoff race.

Three nights earlier, Shaun Livingston did some crazy hand jive on the Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas, a low blow that resulted in a one-game suspension after the NBA police ruled it to be intentional. What’s that thug Steve Kerr trying to do, turn his team into a bunch of meanies?

“It means a lot,” Davis said of the victory in a brief television interview after the game. “You know, they came out and said this is gonna be a scrimmage game. So we kinda took that personally.”

At any rate, it was the best loss of the season for a Warriors team that matches up better against the Pelicans than the Oklahoma City Thunder, who are in ninth place now. Davis may be a load inside, but the Thunder have two big guys in Steven Adams and Enes Kanter plus Russell Westbrook, too.

Or to put it another way, if the Pelicans and the Warriors meet in the playoffs, Balls doesn’t expect the series to be amount to anything more than, you know, scrimmage games.

BOYS WILL BE BOYS: One day after Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan made a one-and-done reference, Duke counterpart Mike Krzyzewski fired back. Which makes Coach K a sore winner, I guess.

“I know as a coach, you’re the first guy up there when you lose — I’ve lost national championship games, I’ve been the loser,” Krzyzewski told ESPN Radio. “It’s never easy. You can take one line out or a couple lines out without context. The line ‘rent-a-player’ is not a good line because — use one-and-done — rent could mean you’re doing something illegal. There is a better choice of words for that. If you say, you don’t do the one-and-done in your program, that’s your right. But understand that everybody does it differently. ... There is more than one way to run a business, and just appreciate the expertise of all the people doing it in these ways.”

Meanwhile, the NCAA acknowledged the referees ruled incorrectly on a play that favored Duke late in the game, one that Ryan didn’t mention afterward. The Blue Devils were allowed to retain possession after Justise Winslow was the last player to touch a ball that went out of bounds. Apparently, the referees didn’t have access to every replay that CBS showed of the play.

Turns out the real losers in the championship game weren’t Ryan and Wisconsin. They were the referees and the NCAA bigwigs who hired them.

BUT SECOND MORTGAGES ARE AVAILABLE: Remember when a Major League Baseball game was the biggest bargain in sports?

OK, you don’t remember. That was four Billy Bob Thornton wives ago. According to Team Market Report, the average ticket price jumped 3.3 percent to $28.94, the largest increase in six years. The Giants ($33.78) and the A’s ($24.00) rank seventh and 21st overall, respectively. By comparison, the average NFL ticket price was $84.43 last season. But remember, when it comes to total number of games, one MLB game is equal to about 10 NFL games. Now do the ticket-price math. JUST ASKIN’: There’s a shortage of restrooms at Wrigley Field, which is under construction until further notice. You know, sort of like the Chicago Cubs have been the last 107 years.

Does that mean if you flush a toilet at Coliseum, the water pressure decreases at Wrigley Field and vice versa?

THE LIST: Odds for California-based teams to win the 2016 NCAA men’s basketball championship, courtesy of Bovada:

UCLA 50-1

Cal 100-1

San Diego State 100-1

Stanford 150-1

USC: 300-1

WHERE HAVE YOU GONE ... John (The Count) Montefusco? Please report to the Giants immediately.

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