Bag makers toughen up for customers 

Steve McCallion, the president of Chrome Industries, joined the company at the beginning of the year. McCallion’s work with Chrome’s latest bag series, the Salvage Series, encompasses what the company is all about — taking the toughest materials, including Army tents, and making bags that can withstand anything thrown at them.

What inspired you guys to move forward with this series? It was inspired by our obsession in finding resourceful solutions to real-life problems. Our iconic buckle bag, that’s a great example of repurposing something that has become obsolete.

So what is the magic behind this series? The beauty of the program is that every bag is one of a kind. People are looking for unique products today. It’s kind of a reaction they have toward mass production and products being pumped out all over the place.

How will they be distributed and what’s the future of the Salvage Series? We have 40 allocated to each store [San Francisco, New York and Chicago], and we have retailers that carry our stuff as well.

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