Bachmann emerges as the anti-Romney 

Coming off her strong showing in the Des Moines Register's Iowa poll over the weekend, a new Suffolk University survey in New Hampshire shows Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., surging eight points, to 11 percent. That's still far off Mitt Romney's 36 percent showing, but it's also well ahead of Tim Pawlenty's weak two percent (he actually slipped three points since last time).

At this point in the race, it's fair to say that Bachmann has clearly emerged as the anti-Romney candidate, a distinction that was supposed to be reserved for Pawlenty. This development not only is a boost to Bachmann and a disaster for Pawlenty, but it's great news for Romney. All along, Romney had been hoping to cobble together a coalition of more moderate Republicans by portraying him as the experienced manager type who could effectively handle economic issues, and his best hope is to be seen as their protector from what they perceive as the crazy wing of the GOP, personified by Bachmann.

There remains a huge opening for another candidate who can both appeal to the Bachmann-type voter while countering Romney as a plausible, experienced, potential president. Right now, Texas Gov. Rick Perry seems to be in the best position to fit that role.


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