Baby falcon cam on PG&E building set to go live Thursday 

All you furry animal fans out there set a reminder for 11 a.m. Thursday to watch three baby peregrine falcons nesting atop a Financial District building live via the Internets.

Scientists from the UC Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group have set up their annual “falcon cam” that films the babies as they grow all over the Bay Area.

Here’s a YouTube clip from last year.

And now it has become tradition to film scientists banding the babies’ legs — at 11 a.m. Thursday. The bands provide a number to call if the babies are found and a visual identification that can be read with binoculars.

Since they are on the 33rd floor of the PG&E building downtown at 77 Beale St., there isn’t much to see from the ground. So if you can get your falcon cam ready, you can get in on the action up close.

According to a statement released Wednesday, the bands are harmless and don’t interfere.

Peregrines are a fully protected species in California. According to the release their population declined to zero known nesting pairs east of the Mississippi, and just two known nesting pairs in California by 1970, but scientists have worked to restore that number to about 250.

And if we could tell you why they nest on the PG&E building we would, but the truth is nobody really knows.

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