Author to discuss book on redefining feminism 

Nona Willis Aronowitz, author of "Girldrive: Criss-crossing America, Redefining Feminism," which documents how more than 120 women across America interpret womanhood, will be at Modern Times Bookstore in the Mission district on Friday to discuss the book.

What do you think women across the country care about?

I think the one most obvious thing we saw over and over again was the representation of women in the media. Whether it was TV or commercials or movies or magazines, Young women did notice that there’s a lot of sexist imagery and things in the media that try to make us feel bad.

Explain feminism.

I think feminism is being aware of the way gender works in society. That generally means you understand how sexism works, but that also means that you understand that our culture has restricted gender roles and deep-seated expectations about gender.

Do you think your book will have a male audience?

I think it’s definitely a secondary audience. We thought of talking to more men because no matter what, sexism affects men and women. I hope that sympathetic men will want to get into the conversation.

What was the most disappointing experience of your road trip?

Talking to women who were extremely familiar with feminism in an academic context who were suspicious of our motivations, and how some of them said they couldn’t relate to feminism.

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