Author explores effects of prison system on LGBTQ community 

Eric Stanley (Courtesy photo) - ERIC STANLEY (COURTESY PHOTO)
  • Eric Stanley (Courtesy photo)
  • Eric Stanley (Courtesy photo)

Eric Stanley, co-editor of the recently released book “Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex” — an anthology of writing from prisoners, activists and academics about transgender and queer liberation and prison abolition — is part of the Sept. 8 book launch at 7 p.m. at Modern Times Bookstore, 2919 24th St.

What was one of your goals while compiling this anthology? Nat Smith, my co-editor, and I wanted to highlight and focus on the ways that transgender and queer people are impacted by the prison industrial complex.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing that community with regards to the prison system? Well, transgender communities are hyperpoliced, and there are barriers to employment and education. People exist in informal economies and get put through the criminal justice system over and over again.

What do prison abolitionists recommend as alternatives to the penal system? First responses are often to call the police instead of talking to people and finding out what is actually happening.

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