At Boxer fundraiser, Obama jokes about hope, grey hair, and Hitler mustache 

President Obama told some jokes last night at a Sen. Barbara Boxer fundraiser in California. . .judging by the laughter notes in transcript, he was quite a hit with Democrats in California.

Remember hope?  (Applause.)  I know it’s been 18 tough months.  And I know I’ve got more gray hair.  (Laughter.)  I know some folks say, well, you know, he’s not as cool as he was.  (Laughter.)  When they had all the posters around and everything.  Now I’ve got a Hitler mustache on the posters.  (Laughter.)  That’s quite a change.  (Laughter.)

You know, my approval ratings kind of start sinking.  And some people are just not entirely satisfied.  You know what, the health care bill wasn’t everything I wanted.  It’s the biggest deal since Medicare, but, you know — (laughter) — it wasn’t everything I wanted.

Look, I understand.  I understand that, but remember what the campaign was about — hope, change.  People weren’t paying attention to me when I said change is hard.  People — a lot of folks, they just missed that part.  (Laughter.)  They were like, hope, change — (laughter) — and they thought, nice swearing-in, you got Bruce Springsteen singing.  (Laughter.)  Everybody is feeling good.  This is going to happen fast.  (Laughter.)

Read his full remarks here:

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