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In music’s new digital, do-it-yourself era, a young band has to adopt a fierce work ethic to succeed. That’s what Mette Lindberg, bombshell frontwoman for the Danish pop-R&B outfit The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, believes.

“You need to use what you’ve got to reach as many people as possible,” the Little Eva-chirpy singer says. “We don’t have a major label and we’re doing a lot of business things ourselves, so we grab what’s there. And I think it’s important that you see the opportunities, you know?”

Lindberg and her songwriting-production partner Lars Iversen — who bring TAGT to San Francisco on Wednesday — only hire agencies who appreciate their bubbly, ABBA-meets-Stax-Volt sound to license it around the world.
It seems to be working.

Only two albums old, they’ve already placed the track “Around the Bend” in an iPod Touch ad, and another, “The Golden Age,” in campaigns for Heineken, an Australian department store and an overseas promotion for “Mad Men.” Other TV soundtrack coups include “Chuck,” “Suits,” “Gossip Girl” and Canada’s “Insecurity.”

“These days you don’t sell your music, and people share everything for free,” Lindberg says. “So you need to grab what’s there to promote yourself — that’s the new thing.”

Some industry peers have pooh-poohed such commercialism, she adds. “But it’s so last season to be that politically correct. It’s been like this for many years, so this is just a fact for me. And if you’re still bitching about it, then you should start buying our music — I tell people that.”

The Heineken spot — a wild Golden Age-set party scene dubbed “The Entrance” — was filmed at a spooky old Barcelona mansion and features a sequin-dressed Lindberg and company in its finale.

Lindberg says it sent out “a huge global message of, ‘Hey, we’re here!’ And while we were on location, we filmed three more times, cut it together with the rest of the footage and got a new music video for the song.”

Lindberg supplied her own clothes for the shoot, from a Copenhagen street brand called Rude. A stylist isn’t required: “I always do my own hair and makeup, and I wear what I like — lots of glitter and color,” she says.

TAGT’s second recording, “Out of Frequency,” just hit, without licensing deals — yet. But judging by its sugary confections “Mafia,” “Heart Attack” and “Suburban Space Invader,” it’s just a matter of time.

“That’s the triumph of all this,” Lindberg says. “You get a lot of priceless promotion from saying, ‘Hey, this is the band from that commercial that’s blown up massively! You’ve got to know them!’”

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Where: The Independent, 628 Divisadero St., San Francisco
When: 8 p.m. Wednesday
Tickets: $15
Contact: (415) 771-1421,

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